About Us

Iveragh Group is an umbrella structure under which each of our business sectors operate.

Our operational sectors include student accommodation, build to let accommodation and short term holiday and business letting.

We respond to the shortcomings in each market sector to deliver quality, sustainable and affordable living accommodation.

Our Group structure benefits from the overlap in competencies of each sector to facilitate our streamlined business.


Through our sector specialist company Iveragh Group we source development opportunities in various serviced accommodation markets that are in short supply and develop high end properties to meet the needs of the people that will live there.

In Ireland our target market for serviced accommodation will serve students, visitors, elderly and professionals.

Serviced accommodation units are an ideal investment property where our investors seek a stable and assured hands off asset backed investment with investment growth potential.

Acquisition and Sales

Iveragh Group sells individual serviced accommodation units as asset backed income generating investments with assured attractive annual yield. Many of our property investments include a buy-back option where an investor can sell back their property to the Iveragh Group or sell on the investment on the open market.

In conjunction with the unit sales, purchasers will be obliged to enter a lease agreement with one of our specialist operating companies under our brand Swuite.

The Swuite operating company will provide a bonded annual rent to the investor and will be responsible for the full maintenance of the residence.

Management and Operations

Each of our Swuite properties will be managed locally by the site teams.

The management team will consist of a full time operations manager, an administrator, a site maintenance operative and a security professional and a housekeeping team will provide further support.

All personnel will be employed directly by the Iveragh Group and all aspects of personnel management and training will be implemented by the relevant human resources department.

Purpose designed management systems are utilised throughout our portfolio of accommodation to establish best practice procedures that will benefit all of our clients and staff.